Future of online display advertising – Google’s predictions

Posted: January 27, 2011 by FMstereo in Digital Advertising, Google, Market Trends, SEM

1. 50% of online ads will have video in them and be bought on a cost-per-view basis.

2. 50% of all display advertising targeted to a specific audience will rely on real-time bidding.

3. Mobile will become the number one screen for advertising.

4. Five new metrics will emerge to measure the success of ad campaigns: engagement and interaction rates in rich media, video view, impact on web search results, sentiment and measuring foot traffic into the store through geo-based technology.

5. 75% of ads will become socially enabled. In the long term, all ads will become social as the industry moves to an always-on communication.

6. 50% of brand campaigns will run rich media in the ads, up from 6% during the last year.

7. Display advertising will become a $50bn industry.

Source: Mediapost


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