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Posted: February 10, 2011 by Maria Morais in Digital Marketing, Social Media

By Econsultancy
This comprehensive checklist of best practice issues and their associated success factors can be used to audit your Facebook pages.
Best Practice Issue Success Factor Tests
Getting started Making sure you have
1. Have you added our recommended basic apps
2. Have you written down what you want to
achieve from the page?
Optimising your landing page
Ensuring that new visitors click on the magic Like
button and subscribe to your page.
3. Have you changed your default landing page
for new visitors from your Wall to a page
customised by you?
4. Have you asked potential subscribers to click
on the Like button?
5. Have you listed the benefits of subscribing to
your page?
6. Do you have a nice, large picture of your
product/products or listed the services you
7. Does your design make you stand out from
your competitors’ pages?
User Experience Making sure your Facebook page is as easy to use
as possible
8. Have you clearly labelled all your tabs?
9. Have you prioritised your visible tabs?
10. Do all your links work? Are they clear and do
they inform visitors of the benefits of clicking on
11. If you have a product search widget, does it
have a filter options and can you type your
search term?
12. Have you road tested the Facebook page
13. Have you tried using your page on a
14. Have you included your other social media links
(Twitter, YouTube, other Facebook Pages)?
15. Have you promoted your Facebook page
through your other social media channels?
16. Have you integrated other social media apps
into your page’s content?
17. Have you included your Facebook fans widget
into your website or blog?
Fans return regularly to read your content and
engage with it through comments, likes, shares or
sending in their photos, videos or competition
18. Have you added your RSS Feed from your
website, blog?
19. Do you use the status update bar more than
once a day?
20. Have you added upcoming events?
21. Does your page have fun widgets or games?
22. Do you have a store locater? (If you have one)
23. Have you promoted your mobile app?
24. Do you ask for feedback from fans?
25. Does your content make your fans feel special?
26. Does your content promote fan involvement?
27. Is it interesting and informative?
28. Have you had a look at the range of apps
already on offer?
29. Do you reward your most active Facebook
30. Do you have content that is only used on your
Facebook page?
Customer service
Making your Facebook page the first port of call for
customers looking for handy information and tips on
your products or upcoming events, and listening to
their feedback
31. Have you included your full contact details?
32. Do you respond to every question/concerns
posed by your community quickly and
Moderation Generating comments, shares and likes
33. Have you laid down the ground rules on your
information page?
34. Do you repost your fans’ best comments?
35. Do you respond quickly to comments?
36. Have you partnered with any causes or
Putting yourself on the map How well you attract new visitors to your landing
37. Have you filled your information tab with
keyword-rich content and links?
38. Have you added keyword-rich content to your
About box?
39. Have you added the Facebook fans widget to
your blog or website?
40. Have you encouraged fans to join your
Facebook page from your other social media
accounts/ your own blob or website?
41. Do you post regular content and updates?
42. Have you invited your own (and your
employees’) friends networks to sign up?
43. Have you changed to a vanity URL?
44. Have you considered posting an ad?
Experimentation and optimisation
Tweaking the layout, content, design and
functionality using tracking tools to improve
conversion rates
45. Do you regularly check your Facebook Insights
46. Have you added Google Analytics?
47. Have you split tested to see which calls to
action etc get the best conversion rates?
48. Have you considered using f-commerce to drive
49. Have you stopped tweaking?
50. Are you satisfied with your page?


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