Guide to 2011 Planning

Posted: February 17, 2011 by Maria Morais in Market Trends, Uncategorized

Originally Posted by Exact Target

Each new year offers a blank slate and a new outlook to start the year off right. And while you may
not stay as organised as you’d like or as in shape as you had hoped by mid-year, making goals
to improve your interactive marketing programme can be easy—especially if you have a little help
along the way. This year, resolve to stay true to subscribers with goals like:
1. “I will make data the foundation of my marketing.”
2. “I will use mobile to connect with my customers.”
3. “I will market to my customers like the individuals they are.”
4. “I will make social media a real part of my marketing mix.”
5. “I will use automation to save time and to better meet my
customers’ needs.”
By pledging to improve your marketing programme with these five initiatives, your
subscribers will see the difference—resulting in more satisfied customers, increased
engagement, and better ROI. And with those kinds of results, who knows? Your goals
might just keep themselves.


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